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Campus Abduction and Sexual Assault

on January 17, 2013


At around 9:30 last night (1/16/13) a CMU senior was leaving the Student Activity Center and was abducted by Eric Lee Ramsey. Ramsey had a criminal history, and posted that he was “about to be shot, peace” to Facebook moments before he was shot and killed in a police chase with a Crawford County Sheriff’s deputy at about 4 am this morning.

Dispatch received a 911 call from a woman around 10:05 saying she had been abducted and jumped out of a car. When police arrived on the scene it was determined that she was kidnapped at gunpoint by Ramsey who then drove her to his home on S. Crawford where he bound her and sexually assaulted her. He then put her back in his car, retrieved two gas cans, and began driving. While they were driving, he told her he was going to take her life, and that is when she jumped out of the vehicle and proceeded to a near by house on S. Mission Rd. yelling for help. While she was inside calling 911 Ramsey poured gasoline on the house, lit it on fire, and then fled the scene. Thankfully, one of the homeowners arrived soon after and was able to put out the fire.

A search warrant was put out for the vehicle, and it was reported a few hours later by regional dispatch in Gaylord that the vehicle had rammed into a Michigan State Police Trooper. He then fled the scene, stealing a sanitation truck and ramming into a second Michigan State Trooper. The deputy then exited the patrol car and fired shots, fatally wounding the suspect.


I think that after this incident Central Michigan University should make it mandatory for students to take PES 143 with Thompson (Sexual Assault Aggression and Awareness). Many people are saying if this young woman would have been armed this may have not happened but that is not the case. The answer is not necessarily to put more deadly weapons into the equation, as I learned in PES 143 many times if someone has pepper spray or a weapon, there is not enough time to execute the use of the object before the abduction or assault happens and a lot of times the perpetrator will use the victims own weapon against them. The way Thompson teaches his class is not to go about it with violence, but to be PREPARED that this situation could happen to anyone and to know exactly what to say and do to manipulate the suspect mentally and to avoid the situation entirely. I genuinely think this campus would be a lot better off if more people took this class. 


2 responses to “Campus Abduction and Sexual Assault

  1. authorajpalm says:

    I like your suggestion and it’s definitely something to consider taking. However, I don’t like how you summarize the whole incident. The point of a blog entry is to make social commentary. The reader can choose to read the article instead, which will be easier to go through, rather than your two thick paragraphs.

    Now, I got something to ask you: are you still in this class (JRN202)? Why haven’t you written anything else?

    • Kara says:

      The first blog entry I did I was told was using too much personal opinion, so I deleted it and wrote the sexual assault one. I assumed that since we are in a journalism class and not a creative writing class that we were supposed to be reporting news in these blogs with little opinion. And I didn’t realize until now that I had been posting all my blogs to a different wordpress account. I didn’t even realize I had a second account that wasn’t on the master list. I am working on deleting that one and adding my blog entries to the right account today and during break. Thank you for your concern I wouldn’t have even realized I posted to the wrong place if you hadn’t of commented on this post.

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